Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s eligible to join ID90 Travel?

Any active or retired airline employee can join and access these exclusive benefits. FedEx and UPS employees are also eligible to become members.

Is there a membership fee?

ID90 Travel does not charge a membership fee to use our site.

What can I book through ID90 Travel?

ID90 Travel is a one stop shop for your airline employee travel. Get great rates on hotels, all-inclusive resorts, vacation rentals, car rentals, cruises (coming soon), destination activities and trip insurance. In addition to these privileges, you also may be eligible to book your non revenue air travel if your employing airline is currently partnered with ID90 Travel. Your HR department or pass bureau will be able to provide you with this information.

What’s the advantage of using ID90 Travel over making reservations on my own?

It’s time-consuming to individually contact hotels, cruise lines, theaters, and other businesses to find out if they offer airline employee discounts. We have airline employee interline deals conveniently housed on one site — these are the some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere online. Plus, we feature a unique trip insurance product that’s tailored specifically for airline employees, giving you peace of mind for $28 a trip.

Can family members use deals without the airline employee present?

Check the details on each booking. Some of the offers may require the airline employee to be present, while others may just need to see a copy of the airline employee ID.

I saw an offer advertised that’s no longer available. Where’d it go?

We feature the best deals on our site, and some may only be offered for a short time period or in limited quantities. We frequently update our deals, though, so you’re sure to snag something else that works for you.

How long is my membership valid?

Each membership lasts for a year and is automatically renewed unless you contact ID90 Travel to cancel. Email or call us at (817) 767-4041 or (877) 298-5233 if you’d like to request that your account is taken off auto-renew.