Brian Herscher (Ambassador)
Tue, 12/11/2018 - 13:47

Oh hello, I'm Brian. I'm a pilot for Skywest airlines and I live and work in Los Angeles.

Ever since I was little I was obsessed with airplanes... so obsessed I would even wear t-shirts that had airplanes on them. I didn't have a lot of friends.

Now in spite of all that I didn't go through life thinking "oh I'm going to be a pilot," I went to college for something completely different. I went to film school for a couple years, I worked as a video editor in Hollywood.

Now for those that don't know you basically just sit in the dark room for hours on end with no window and you stare at computer screens all day as you cut together various footage. I didn't want to live in a cave of the rest of my life so I quit that job and decided to learn to fly airplanes.

After I got hired at the airlines I spent the first year just commuting to different bases: Minneapolis, Houston... so my time off didn't really enabled me to go traveling anywhere except home, but when I finally got based back in Los Angeles all I wanted to do was leave.

Because of my film background I like to travel with some solid camera gear; in fact it's pretty rare to see me in front of the camera because I enjoy being behind it [Music] there's a further excuse to travel which I already enjoy doing and also I get to share my experiences with you all right now the only people that really care are you know the three people on my Instagram account one of whom is my mom one of my favorite trips I've ever done was a road trip through the Balkan countries so we flew into Croatian but we also went outside of it to places that are not as commonly visited like Albania or Bosnia and you have this idea of what those places are going to be like in your mind I think one of the guidebooks said watch out when you pull off to the side of the road a land mines and visiting these different kinds of places can you know surprised you of it a lot of times especially if I'm going to someplace new I want to see everything I have to be at this places at a certain time and then go see this and see this and I wanted to do it all but really in the end you should just stop and kind of enjoy the place you're at at that point in time it's a lot more enjoyable that way and more relaxing and then you gives you an excuse to come back at some other time I do recall one day working and after we landed a mother and her two young daughters wanted to come up and see the flight deck and take pictures and whatnot I'm usually very awkward with children so we'll start off with that I usually don't know what to say once they actually get up there and just like ah lots of buttons but the younger girl who was maybe five or six started talking about dinosaurs to me and she said you know I really like the ankylosaurus and the Brachiosaurus her older sister said oh my gosh he's a pilot he doesn't care about dinosaurs but I did and I said I quite favored the Stegosaurus myself if I were to give one bit of advice it's this nobody wants food poisoning when they're traveling so how do you avoid it now this doesn't necessarily apply to just far-flung exotic locales this could also apply to your local buffet how do I get by does these if you take some kind of stomach relief pill like pepto-bismol anytime you ingest something of questionable origin or you know possible contamination now I've been to 40 plus countries and the state of Indiana where I had Thai food once and have never been ill I know what you're thinking that's an old husband's tale Bryan but no the proof is in the contaminated pudding so it's either this or the local beers I have when I'm on vacation it's either one of the other best to do both until further research can be done anyway thanks for watching I look forward to seeing more of you that you know I won't really I can't really see you but you know so until next time may the arm rest forever be yours

Video Description
Brian is an airline pilot based in Los Angeles. He flies small planes, but has big dreams. He cannot go anywhere without a camera, though pants are also critical (they have pockets for SD cards). He is small enough to fit in basic economy, but his stomach can hold at least 3.5 first-class meals. Hungry for both adventure and dessert, he will use any excuse to travel.
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