Emily (Editor-in-Chief)
Fri, 07/12/2019 - 10:46
Get to know our second round of ID90 Travel Brand Ambassadors (Class 002, if you will) through this introductory series! Looking to learn more? Check us out on 👉 http://interliner.id90travel.com/

"G’day! I’m Nic, an adventure loving, life enthusiast. While originally from Australia, I now live in Brooklyn, New York. If I’m not a flight attendant on your plane, you’ll most likely see me jumping out of one. I come alive when I travel, explore and challenge myself. Freediving, skydiving, hiking, camping, life hacking and capturing moments through photography are some of my favourite ways to spend a day, finished off with a glass of wine and good sunset of course. I look forward to sharing the ID90 Travel life hacks with you!”

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