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Fri, 07/12/2019 - 14:18
Get to know our second round of ID90 Travel Brand Ambassadors (Class 002, if you will) through this introductory series! Looking to learn more? Check us out on 👉 http://interliner.id90travel.com/

"My name is Christine and I’m a Pilot Wife! I’m also an attorney, travel blogger, Pomeranian mom (Pom mom), and cheese fry enthusiast. 

My husband and I take full advantage of the non-rev life! Most recently, we have traveled to French Polynesia, Grand Cayman, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Spain. We also have upcoming trips planned to Iceland and Belize. As Padi Divers, we also want to plan some dive trips this fall! 

I am excited to be an ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador because I am an avid non-rev traveler and I am confident that my adventures can help inspire others to use this amazing perk we have! I want to help and inspire EVERYONE, especially airline employees and families, to get out there and live a life of adventure! #AdventuresofaPilotWife"

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