Product Update
Spring 2019 Product Update - Welcome New Web!

From the start, it’s been our goal at ID90 Travel to deliver the most up-to-date technology to make searching for and booking travel a breeze. That’s why we’re constantly improving our product and delivering enhancements, improvements, and updates.

We’re excited to announce the latest upgrades and user-experience improvements including (in case you haven’t seen it for yourself) the new website. That’s right - there’s a whole new look and feel to ID90 Travel's product, including easier hotel searches and clearer hotel results as well as freaky fast loading speeds. Not to mention page responsiveness for the on-the-go mobile web booker.

Read on to learn more about how searching for and booking travel just got a whole lot better.


Our #HackDay

Before we get into all the cools things our Development Team's been working on for the new website, let us first introduce you to what they accomplished on our first ever "Hack Day." During the Hack Day our developers broke up into teams to work on passion projects for our product.

Just a few of the cool things that came from it were biometrics (logins and voice commands for the mobile app),"Things to Do" (a feature that would allow our users to easily see things activities around them while traveling), and gamification (where customers could earn points for completing tasks throughout the platform).

We're incredibly proud of all that our developers accomplished (congrats again to the winners!) and can't wait to see how we can use these new projects with our product sometime in the future.



A New, Consistent Look & An Easier Way To Invite-A-Friend

Cleaning up and adding upgrades always start with a little aesthetic change here and there. For example, our customers will now be able to enjoy the same seamless experience whether they're on web, mobile view or the mobile app. All experiences will follow the same flow and look similar. Plus, we’ve also allowed our customers to personalize their experience by adding a picture to their profile.

We also improved our Invite-a-Friend experience so your employees can start earning some sweet travel cash. Now they can import their Gmail contacts while on mobile view when using the Invite-a-Friend feature.



Hotel Searches Get Smarter & Faster

The next thing we targeted was the hotel search. One change customers will find is real-time "Recent Searches" as well as "Recently Viewed" cards. What this will allow users to do is go back and re-enter a recent hotel search query, ultimately saving them time and letting them revisit and re-evaluate their hotel purchase options.

They can also now use Trending Destinations (as well as the Recent Searches) when executing a hotel search, again making it easier for them to continue what they were doing. And we've done a little legwork here on the backend to ensure that not only are things easy to pull back up, but that these searches will be populated quickly. 

A few saved seconds might not feel like a lot, but in the non-rev travel world they really make or break a booking experience.



Hotel Results That Give You Just What You're Looking For

Once customers have made their search, we think they'll be pleasantly surprised by the new and improved hotel results. We've made quite a few streamlining upgrades here. Exhibit A: Users can now filter results on demand without being required to click "Update" or wait for the page to reload.

Along those same filtering lines they can also now easily return the best star ratings with ease, quickly changing their search to encompass the level of hotel they're looking for. Want a 3 star and up? Use the X+ star rating to reflect that, and we'll make sure you don't miss out on a 4 or 5 star hotel that is a comparable rate to a 3.

Other hotel result changes we've made include allowing our customers to view the most popular hotel on the website, letting them view the map view by default (so they can search a certain area with ease), and permitting them to execute real-time hotel name searches.



Totally Transparent Hotel Pricing & Details To Check Out Before You Checkout

Once users have moved into the final stage of their experience (before booking) they'll be greeted with some new and improved features in the Hotel Details page. What they'll find is upfront hotel room cancellation policies (that way they can be fully informed before they book), final pricing (we have no desire to hide anything from customers before checkout), and bigger hotel images to view.

For continued transparency they'll be able to view other customers’ reviews of the hotel as well as Trip Advisor's rating. If they need to make an edit to their search this late in the process, it won't be an issue. They can easily change the dates of their stay right from this page.

They can also see the types of rooms available and filter said rooms by popular room-level amenities including free cancelation, free wifi, free breakfast, and all-inclusive. Need to take one last look at where the hotel is located on a map? No worries, there's one offered on this page too.



Checking Out With PayPal Or Real People

When our customers have found exactly what they were looking for they'll be able to checkout using our PayPal option - just another way we've worked to make booking easier for them. Speaking of, we've also added an all-inclusive support line to our offering. 

If users are looking for a more personal or supportive touch they can reach out to us directly and make a booking on the phone similar to what they do when they call our cruise support line. This doesn't mean they still can't book online; we’ve simply added another option.



We hope these upgrades and overall streamlining have gone above and beyond what our customers could have asked for. We here at ID90 Travel live to serve our customer base (the airline community) well.

Until next time, Interliners! Safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies.

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