Janet Cantrell (Ambassador)
Apr 24, 2019
Snorkeling in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is known for it’s turquoise blue water, bright colored tropical fish, sting rays, eagle rays, eels, sharks and more. So, it goes without saying, that a snorkeling excursion is a must when visiting the island.

""Private 1/2 day snorkeling tour with Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery

A snorkeling tour in Bora Bora is the excursion to splurge on and, in my opinion, the only excursion you need. We booked a half day private tour with Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery and trusted their expertise of the aquatic life around the island.

To view a video of our stay in Bora Bora and highlights of this snorkeling excursion click here.

Fabien picked us up from the Conrad Bora Bora Nui at 8am and for the next 4 hours served as our personal tour guide both in and out of the water. We asked about capturing some drone footage for our video, so our first stop was out in the depths where the water color turned to a deeper blue. Here, the color variations and crashing waves could be seen from above. Sensing my excitement to jump into the water Fabien helped me with my goggles and flippers then casually said “Sometimes we see sharks here.” I laughed and said “You’re joking right?” He shook his head no and said “You’ll be fine” before sending me on my way. As it turns out, he was not kidding, and I scurried back to the boat under pretenses that I needed to grab the Gopro to capture this amazing footage!

""Bora Bora black tip reef shark

The outer depths were exhilarating, but I had swimming with stingrays on my to do list, so we chartered off to some shallow water. Along the way, Fabien spotted some eagle rays and stopped so we could glide along with them and enjoy their flawless beauty. The water colors were incredible, and Fabien stopped to show us the definitive line where the color changed from turquoise to aqua to sapphire...simply breathtaking.

We pulled up next to a boat with locals playing music and casually hanging out in the water with stingrays. Similar to us having a picnic in the park, but so much greater. The water was shallow here, and I was so excited to jump in I forgot to wear my flippers. I quickly came to regret this decision as the stingrays moved rapidly and sharp rocks lay on the ocean floor. Still, I wasn’t going to be deterred. A shark swam by trying to scare me off, but I was used to their sinister presence and carried on. Soon one of the locals asked if I would like to touch a stingray, and had me stand on a large rock before bringing his fish scented hand near. Sure enough, I was soon surrounded by hungry stingrays and was quite pleased as I stroked their silky skin.

My bucket list was complete, but we weren’t finished yet. Fabien was ready to show us his merman skills, so we took off into the horizon and stopped over a large coral reef.

Fish of every color soon appeared, surrounding us in a dizzying tease. The resident eel was unhappy with our arrival and darted to his cave. Fabien snatched our Gopro and dove down to capture a close up before saying goodbye to our electric friend. A lone barracuda circled around, but we felt safe when Fabien was with us. The water, it seemed, was his second home, and he almost appeared more comfortable in the water than on land.

After all of that excitement it was time for a small snack. Muffins of various flavors and some local juices hit the spot as we left the marine life behind, with the wind in our hair, sun on our faces, and memories for a lifetime.


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