Emily (Editor-in-Chief)
Nov 9, 2018
Our November 2018 Product Update – Facelifts & Fly Anywhere

Seasons change and so does our product (always for the better, of course), so we’re here on Interliner on this perfectly brisk November day (at least it is here in Texas) to share all of it with you. “Transparency, it’s what we do!

There’s a lot to look forward to, and you’re gonna love it – we promise! Heck, if you don’t, feel free to let us know (via our incredibly lovely in-house Customer Support team, based down in Córdoba, Argentina – our second home). We’re happy to always make a change for our customers and clients, especially when it comes to easing their customer experience.

Without further to do, we’ll move on to the upgrades, facelifts, and goods. There’s lots to look forward to, so hang on to your boots (Ugg, rain, cowboy, or other)!

Here’s What’s New in Flights

Fly Anywhere

Here’s the problem: You’re a non-revver itching for adventure, no matter where it takes you. But how do you know which destinations have super low flight loads without doing hundreds of searches?

The answer? Fly Anywhere.

Flying interline is just such an amazing perk, so what we’ve set out to do is make it even better. Tall order, we know, but we’re up for the challenge! One way in which we improved our flight product this fall was by adding a Fly Anywhere option. What this allows our customers to do is discover destinations with the best flight loads.

We can practically hear your cheering from here, but no worries, we’re pretty stoked too. That’s right, all our customers have to do is select “Fly Anywhere” as their destination when they’re listing for a flight, and let us do the rest. What’ll be populated is the destinations with the most open seats on flights. I mean, can you say “A non-revvers ultimate tool” or what?

As an added bonus, our tech-wizards have made this feature completely cost-neutral to airlines. That’s right, no additional calls to a GDS needed!

What we love about it the most is that it allows our customers to travel the best way they know how, so non-revvers get on that option ASAP. Our new Brand Ambassadors (shameless plug) have enlightened us to the ways of the avid non-revver, and from what they’ve told us you’re gonna love this tool. Enjoy!

Fly AnywhereFlight Loads

Nearby Airports

Speaking of saving you valuable booking time, we’ve also created the (mobile app only, for now) ability to populate your nearby airports. Non-revved so hard you’ve forgotten where you landed? No worries, just make sure your location settings for the ID90 Travel app are turned on, and we’ll go ahead and load your nearby airports.

Heck, it’s even helpful if you’re trying to jump ship, well, airline-ship that is. Land in ORD and everything is full? We’ll let you know what other airports are nearby so you can switch it up and find other options with ease.

Nearby Airports

Here’s What’s New in Hotels

Speeding Up

Hotel discounts are great, but they’re only as good as the technology that houses them! On that note, we’ve worked to (and continually work to) improve our infrastructure. This allows for faster hotel results and a better overall shopping experience. Huzzah!

Bigger, better, faster, stronger – we have also updated our popular hotels. Customers can now see the most popular hotels (as chosen by their fellow airline employees) in every destination. That means knowing what’s good and not being duped. You find this feature inside the hotel search screen.

Want to find out the hotspots for that day and hour? We’ve got you on that too! Our customers will now be informed which hotels are being viewed the most, that way maybe you can jump on a trend (if everything else in the city is full) or avoid the crowd altogether.

Most Popular

Invite-a-Friend Gets Even Better

Making things easier to use, of course, is always the goal, and that’s why we’ve created the option to share your Invite-a-Friend code on Facebook and Twitter! Share away, make that travel MON-AY. Confused? What’s Invite-a-Friend you say? Check it out on the desktop (top right corner, “Invite Friends, Earn $20”) or your app (the gift icon at the bottom of the screen).

What Invite-a-Friend allows you to do is share your hotel, car, and cruise discounts with your inner circle. The cool part is, when friends and family are invited, they’ll get $10 off their first (already discounted) hotel. When that first booking is completed (see stipulations on the site), you’ll earn $20 toward your next stay – with no cap!


Our App Welcomes PayPal

You heard right! We’re now offering even more hotel payment options by allowing our customers to book their stay using PayPal. Simply select PayPal as your payment method at checkout (in the app), log into your PayPal account, purchase and you’re done! You asked we listened. Hope you love it!


Here’s What Else Is New

Emails, Invite-a-Friend, & Insurance

Every once in a while things could use a facelift (but, couldn’t we all), and we’ve done just that with our Company Business confirmation emails. Cleaner, prettier, and easier to use. We got you.

Our final bit that we want you all to know about today is our new travel insurance options: standalone! Customers are able to now book travel insurance all by itself or as an add-on to a hotel reservation.


That’s all we’ve got for you today, folks. See you next time, here on Interliner! Until then, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies.

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