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Jun 10, 2019
Our #NonRevSpiritAward Spring 2019 Scholarship Winners

Spring 2019 marked only our third semester offering the ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award. This newer scholarship, available only to the dependents of current and retired airline employees, seeks to offer financial support to the airline community’s most prized possession – their children!

Since we’re always encouraging of the #NonRevLife (HELLO, it’s what we do!) we were excited to learn just how these dependents made the most of their amazing travel benefits. On that note we are absolutely ecstatic to announce that we received over 200 essays this round, and the incredible response (as well as utter amazing quality of the applicants) blew us away.

Like the last two years, we’ve resigned to the fact that it’s completely impossible to name just one winner. So below you’ll be able to meet our first place winner, two runner-ups, and two honorable mentions as well as read their prize-winning essays (linked under their names, and available on our blog).

Excited by this opportunity and want to apply next semester? Stay tuned! We’ll release the information for the Fall 2019 application period on our social channels as well as here on Interliner.


Andrew Koonce - Winner of the $1,500 #NonRevSpiritAward

Meet Andrew, our #NonRevSpiritAward winner for Spring 2019! A 3rd-year student at Julliard School as a Violin Performance major, Andrew has had the amazing opportunity to further his career as a musician because of his travel benefits. Because of his mom’s job as a flight attendant for Endeavor Air, he has been able to travel for training at music festivals as well as several violin competitions across the United States. We can’t wait to see where his travel benefits and music career take him!

What we loved about Andrew’s essay…

Andrew has used his non-rev benefits for much more than just checking out a few new destinations. As a non-rev, it sometimes feels like your opportunities are endless. Andrew has used his opportunity to travel to further his passion for music, which is very evident.

One of our favorite lines…

“The number of experiences I can gather is now limited only by logistics and my enemy is not money, but time. I am extremely grateful for my privileges and I will surely continue to take advantage of them for as long as I am able.”


Catherine O’Hara- Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

Meet Catherine, an open-minded traveler who understands the uncertainty of non-rev travel. The daughter of a United Airlines Program Manager, Catherine has had the opportunity to see some amazing places. We wish you the best of luck with your degree at Brigham Young University, Catherine!

What we loved about Catherine’s essay…

We love how much flying non-rev has influenced Catherine’s outlook on life. She’s learned the importance of being flexible and having an open mind. Her positive attitude is so admirable!

One of our favorite lines…

“Flying standby would be an absolute nightmare if it weren’t for keeping an open mind. Far too often we may be planning for a trip to pan out one way, when in fact plans morph into something completely different. Flexibility is what makes the spontaneity not only bearable, but in hindsight an incredible experience.”


Alaina Kedro - Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

The daughter of a Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant, Alaina has had the opportunity to see some amazing places, whether through tagging along on one of her mom’s trips or taking on their own adventure. She is a current student at Concordia University, where she is studying to be a nurse. Thanks to her travel benefits, she’s still able to see her mom!

What we loved about Alaina’s essay…

Alaina hopes to be a nurse and a flight attendant. What do these two things have in common? Giving back. And that’s one of the things we love about the travel industry. As an airline employee, you provide others with the opportunity to explore. Alaina has big dreams as well as a heart for adventure. With that combo, we can’t wait to see where the coming years take her!

One of our favorite lines…

“Sitting and waiting eagerly but patient in front of the gate is a feeling you can't forget. Or the sense of relief and joy you get when hearing your last name being called right before boarding. The Non-RevLife is a life full of opportunity.”


Rachel Toves - #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Rachel has experienced a different side of the airline industry than most, as the daughter of a Hawaiin Airlines Aircraft Technician. They did, however, also experience the difficulties that the events of 9/11 brought to the airline industry. Thankfully, she was able to use her travel benefits to see her dad while he worked on a different island and to see family in times of need.

What we loved about Rachel’s essay…

Rachel didn’t just use her non-revving to explore new places, but also to be able to visit family during times of need. We love that this inspired her to find her future career! She truly has learned how to see the good in everything.

One of our favorite lines…

“From the trips we take to visit family whether it be in the care home or hospital, it inspired me to one day to become a doctor, by being non-rev it will allow me to travel anywhere and help those in need just like Dr. Fitz.”


Camellia Moors - #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Meet Camellia, an experienced non-revver who understands the adventure that is flying standby. The daughter of a Delta flight attendant, she has been flying standby since 2011. She hopes to study International Relations and spend her summers working abroad, as well as pursue a private pilot’s license.

What we loved about Camellia’s essay…

We love Camellia’s transition from a nervous beginner at flying standby to a seasoned traveler. We believe all non-revvers can connect with that feeling; when you finally are okay with the uncertainty of #NonRevLife and begin to enjoy the spontaneity of it all. Not only did we love this concept, but also her appreciation of seeing the world from above.

One of our favorite lines…

“If it doesn’t fit under the seat in front of me, I don’t need it at all. My parents were right when they told me to “lighten up”; where I was going and when I got there was never as important as the experiences I had along the way.”


To all our lovely candidates, thank you for applying. We genuinely loved reading each and every one of your essays. They were inspiring, sweet, and served as such an amazing reminder of the awesomeness of non-rev life. Please, if you applied this year and weren’t awarded we highly encourage you to apply again! Again, stay tuned for the announcement on that application dates on our social channels and here on the blog.

Until next time interliners, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

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