Scholarship Winners
Emily (Editor-in-Chief)
Sep 17, 2018
Our #NonRevSpiritAward Fall 2018 Scholarship Winners

Fall 2018 marked only our second semester offering the ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award. This newer scholarship, available only to the dependents of current and retired airline employees, seeks to offer financial support to the airline community’s most prized possession – their children!

Since we’re always encouraging of the #NonRevLife (HELLO, it’s what we do!) we were excited to learn just how these dependents made the most of their amazing travel benefits. On that note we are absolutely ecstatic to announce that we received over 200 essays this round, and the incredible response (as well as utter amazing quality of the applicants) blew us away.

Like last year, we’ve resigned to the fact that it’s completely impossible to name just one winner. So below you’ll be able to meet our first place winner, two runner-ups, and two honorable mentions as well as read their prize-winning essays (linked under their names, and available on our blog).

Excited by this opportunity and want to apply next semester? Stay tuned! We’ll release the dates for the Spring 2019 application period on our social channels as well as here on Interliner.

Scholarship Winner

Katie Mayangi – Winner of the $1,500 #NonRevSpiritAward

The daughter of a SkyWest flight attendant, Katie’s been flying since she was a little girl. In fact, her first passport photo was taken when she was only 7! Currently, as a sophomore, she studies History and Visual Cultures at Utah Valley University.

Passionate about international travel and better understanding the diverse world around her, Katie’s happily taken what she’s learned in the classroom to the streets of foreign cities. Thank you for submitting your essay, Katie, we’re so excited to hear what your future travels bring!

What we loved about Katie’s essay…

Katie’s essay completely embodies the spirit of a non-rev. We love that the lessons she’s learned traveling (and not just the “getting there” part) has opened her eyes to the magic of the world around her. The skills and experiences she’s acquired will make her a fantastic tool to help “make cultural education accessible to those born outside (her) privileged position (being born into a non-revving family).”

One of our favorite lines…

“I’m a Non-Rev. Gate agents: Thank you for managing expectations while maintaining a calm positivity. Flight Attendants: I have the utmost respect for you. I will bring you chocolates. I won’t ever press that button.”

Scholarship Winner

Julia Valle – Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

Meet Julia. Sometimes she flies to New York, just for lunch in the city! Now that’s #NonRevLife. The daughter of an American Airlines customer service representative, Julia’s been playing “Hunger Games: Airport Edition” on the non-rev list and traveling her entire life.

When she’s not zip-lining through the Congo Forest in Costa Rica, she’s studying at California Polytechnic State University as an Architecture major. We’re so happy that travel’s inspired and encouraged your passions, Julia, and we can’t wait to hear how studying abroad in Italy (for a year) goes!

What we loved about Julia’s essay…

Not only has the #NonRevLife made Julia a well-rounded person, but it’s cultivated her passion for architecture! She’s learned to push herself beyond her comfort zone and, “every adventure has broadened (her) view of the world and the role (she) play(s) in it.”

One of our favorite lines…

“Ever since my first trip abroad, I’ve had restless feet and an intense desire to see the world… for that, I am forever grateful to American Airlines.”

Scholarship Winner

Monika Talastas – Winner of a $750 #NonRevSpiritAward

This savvy girl isn’t just the daughter of an airline employee (her father’s a Customer Service Agent for Delta), she’s part of the aviation community herself! A proud student pilot, she’s currently attending the University of West London to study Aviation Management. You can even find her working alongside her airline family at London Heathrow Airport during the school year.

We can’t wait to see the awesome ways in which studying abroad challenges you, Monika, good luck in London and feel free to send us some fish and chips or a lock of Prince Harry’s hair anytime.

What we loved about Monika’s essay…

Non-revving’s fueled her thirst for travel and passion for the airline community! She’s gotten to experience the world and become and citizen of it. What we love the most is that Monika gets that the best travel stories aren’t written once you reach your destination, but along the way.

One of our favorite lines…

“Many people think traveling is always luxurious and easy, and although traveling non-rev can be more exhausting both mentally and physically, traveling unconfirmed and full of uncertainty, has made these experiences more spontaneous, exciting, and meaningful, leaving you with stories to tell when you finally reach your destination.”

Scholarship Winner

Alexis Thomeczek – #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Say hello to Alexis! This sweet gal’s been non-revving since she was a mere two months old (thanks to momma being an FA over at American). You can currently find her studying at The College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. She’s majoring in Nursing.

No stranger to the NYC airports (LaGuardia especially), Alexis has used her non-rev benefits to explore the world but also to keep her family close. Thank you for sharing your story about Cuddles Junior, Alexis, we loved reading it and wish you the best of luck with your degree!

What we loved about Alexis’ essay…

Read this essay and try not to cry at work. WE DARE YOU. And don’t feel bad when you try and fail, we definitely did! Alexis’ story embodies the spirit of a non-revving child, and we couldn’t be more charmed.

One of our favorite lines…

“Non-rev travel has taught me to appreciate the blessings of world travel that I have available to me. I take advantage of this opportunity when it comes knocking, and never say no to an adventure (with Cuddles Jr. in my carry-on).” – (OMG we seriously almost started crying again when typing that quote. Way to pull at our heartstrings, Alexis!)

Scholarship Winner

Lucy Shippee – #NonRevSpiritAward Honorable Mention

Lucy is no shy traveler! Growing up the daughter of a United (and Navy – btw, thank you for your service) pilot, she’s been able to experience a lot – from exploring foreign cities on her own to telling friends about the confusing, but awesome, life that is the #NonRevLife.

You can find her studying Nursing at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusettes, or embarking on yet another impromptu adventure. What an awesome story you shared, Lucy! We can’t wait to see what new experiences your degree brings!

What we loved about Lucy’s essay…

It’s always so interesting what the experiences and lessons learned while traveling teach an individual. What Lucy’s learned from both her father and the airline community clearly translate into her future degree. Also #ImproptuNonRevAdventures? We’ve all been there, Lucy, and aren’t they the best?!

One of our favorite lines…

“I boarded a train to London and looked down at the bottom of the paper scribbled with shorthand directions from the flight attendant. Written next to a smiley face near the bottom she had written, “Take a deep breath and go!” Over the next week, I kept that phrase in the back of my mind as I explored London solo. Needless to say, I took many deep breaths that trip! That flight attendant’s kindness totally shaped my confidence during that week, and as a result I have become a more confident traveler.”


To all our lovely candidates, thank you for applying. We genuinely loved reading each and every one of your essays. They were inspiring, sweet, and served as such an amazing reminder of the awesomeness of non-rev life. Please, if you applied this year and weren’t awarded we highly encourage you to apply again! Again, stay tuned for the announcement on that application dates on our social channels and here on the blog.

Until next times interliners, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies!

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