Emily (Editor-in-Chief)
Feb 28, 2019
10 Off the Beaten Path Asian Restaurants in Dallas

Y'all, the DFW metroplex is THE place for foodies. Being so diverse, there's a lot of different types of foods (from different cultures) that it does really well. Especially Dallas, Asian food being one of them! And sure, there's plenty of lists out there letting you know which frou frou Pan-Asian restaurant you'll need to make reservations at next, but that's why we decided to make something a little different. 

Enter this list, which we might as well call "Emily's Greatest Hits." That's right, you'll find all different kinds of Asian restaurants in the Dallas area that cost much less then the ones you'll see on other major sites (which lets be real, aren't usually all THAT good, and probably just paid for a spot on the listicle).

So what you won't see is Royal China or Shinsei, but what you will see is some solid Dallas favorites littered throughout the city (although a lot reside in Richardson, which if you're from the area you'll know all the best places are). They're all well priced, high quality, and huge staples for any Asian-food-loving individual. Let's get started, shall we?

Jeng Chi

SUCH a locals' favorite, this place is the place for Friday night dumplings (with or without a group, #TreatYoSelf). You'll find it in the China Town shopping center next to another favorite on this list, Genroku. Since it's a well-beloved Chinese/Taiwanese place we highly recommend making a reservation on a weekend night, although the wait isn't usually too long (especially since the dumplings are well worth it).

Clean, spacious, and with a large menu there's a little something for everyone - although we recommend the dumplings (had to say it again), the Chinese Style Lamb with Cumin Sauce, and their insane loose tea leaf collection. Too tired to brave the crowd? No worries, they also offer frozen dumplings to go!

Genroku Sushi & Grill


Eeek! Another one of Emily's f-f-favorites we dare you to test Genroku and not make it one of your must-stops every time you pass through town. Cozy and authentic, you'll find this place right next door to Jeng Chi in the China Town shopping center. It's the perfect place to bring friends and share a pile of plates.

They've got a fantastic (and incredibly reasonably priced) sushi list, as well as other amazing Taiwan-styled grilled specialties. Grab some friends at least try the Bobby Maki Roll, Basil Chicken, and Ma-Po Tofu (seriously, mouth is watering just thinking about it). You'll thank us, we're sure.

First Chinese BBQ

Ermergerd, FIRST CHINESE. Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. Now this is the kind of place you'll find other Asian people going, which you know means it's good. To be completely honest, it's not a place for ambiance, especially if you're a vegetarian. Yeah, there's chicken hanging in the window. But if you're a foodie, this is your new place.

Not the only of it's kind, they've got a few other locations, you'll find this particular gem in Richardson on Greenville just a few blocks up from Jeng Chi and Genroku. Heads up, they're cash-only and BYOB. So make sure to bring enough to eat on (and tip well, the staff is so sweet), and feel free to bring your alcoholic drink of choice with!

Get everything. We mean it. But if you need a little guidance try the BBQ Pork Lo Mein, Crispy Squid, Wonton Noodle Soup, Snow Pea Leaf with garlic (if it's in season), Roast Duck (duh), or Orange Beef. Or don't and leave more for us. Seriously, this place is much better with a group of people, so that you can order everything mentioned and share it about!

Too full afterward? Do yourself a favor and stop next door for a boba tea from Boba Latte, then head over to Happy Foot for a little R&R and a foot massage. Seriously, this lovely little corner of Richardson is where you should spend a little me-time and plan an entire night.

Betty's Best Around

Okay! We're finally getting into Dallas proper with this late-night favorite. Straight up, this is not a dine-in spot. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Betty's Best is more of your go-to for late night Chinese food. And what's even better about it, is that it tastes just as good (if not better) the next morning. Fine, we'll just say it. This place is the hangover cure of all cures.

What we love about this place is that it's open super late, and delivers (sure it might take them 45 minutes, but it's well worth the wait). There's a reason Betty's Best holds it's own on Greenville, even when the area's blowing up, it's so good! Emily's favorite is the Orange Chicken and Egg Drop Soup (staples, am I right?), but literally everything is good here. She also recommends saving the rice and leftover Orange Chicken sauce to combine and have for breakfast. No judgement here.

Sura Korean BBQ

Alright, finally getting away from the Chinese-food genre! Sura is a really solid choice for Korean BBQ (you know, where you have a little grill in the middle of the table and cook as you like). Great for groups, but maybe not so much on your own, this place offers all the classics and is a perfect AYCE (all you can eat) buffet option.

The meat is fresh, the staff is super helpful and attentive, and you can find it right off of Highway 35. This place also gets popular on weekends, so plan ahead and get there before you're in starving mode. No dish suggestions here, just eat it all (and send us pics please).

Bangkok City


CUTIES! This place just got a little makeover, and let us tell you what - they look great. Right across Highway 75 from SMU, this cozy little joint is a university staple. They've got all the Thai options you know and love, and offer just the best OG's (Pad Thai and Chicken Fried Rice).

Never too busy, and nice and quiet (again, the staff here is super sweet as well), it's the perfect place to have a quiet dinner or bring the family to. They even have a hosting room for a bigger party. Don't get it confused with another Bangkok City in downtown, this one's on GREENVILLE.

Fast Furious Japanese Grill


YUM. More of a commercial looking spot (it resides in a shopping mall strip on Greenville, but quite a bit up from Betty's and Bangkok, and quite a bit down from the spots in Richardson), Fast Furious is such a solid quick lunch or dinner spot. What they do really well is their bowls.

They're completely customizable, and they even offer really yummy (and reasonably priced) apps! You can't go wrong with the Gyoza ($1.99 for four pieces, can you even) and Wow Bowl. Can't make it to the one in Dallas? No worries, they've got a few other locations in the metroplex.

Kirin Court


Kirin court, YAS. Somehow every restaurant listed on here makes us more excited than the last! Alright, if you thought Jeng Chi had good dumplings, get ready for your world really to be rocked. Kirin Court is the primo Dallas Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant. Fantastic for lunch or dinner (and well-beloved New Years Day), they offer the best selection of dumplings and other Dim Sum staples.

This place is super authentic and super filling, and honestly we can't tell you what to try because it's all just so good. You'll find it off Highway 75 in Richardson (not far from the others listed above) upstairs in a shopping complex. We do recommend trying it for brunch! Now that's living your best Dim Sum life.

P.S. We're just now discovering they're available on Doordash and all of our dreams may be coming true (although, the experience is truly better enjoyed in-restaurant - but then again do you).



With locations all over the metroplex, Zenna becomes a quick favorite for their insanely popular (and really delicious) happy hour. Seriously, it lasts from 3:00-7:00 PM and has just the best menu! You can get sushi for $3, other popular tapas (like Heaven Beef or Crispy Spring Rolls) for $4, or even a Beer Tower for $6.

Is it the super-duper fanciest? No, but you get what you pay for, and honestly it's the best bang for the buck. That'll do in our opinion. So check it out next time you need a happy hour spot for the office or a spot for a meet up with a bunch of friends!

Pho Xpress

Alright, before you jump down out throats for this one not being in Dallas proper, let us first counter by saying that it is still in the metroplex (Grapevine) and is actually really close to the DFW Airport (if you ever have a long layover and are tired of airport food/prices). This place is an ID90 Travel office obsession.

A little commercial feeling inside, the staff is still super nice (tell them Emily sent you) AND it has free wifi. The pho is amazing too and really authentic (as in they let the broth cook the meat). If you want to get the Emily Special get a P2 (half noodle) with an order of dumplings and a Thai tea with extra boba. Then of course watch some Hulu on that super fast free wifi and enjoy yourself.

FYI the food comes out super fast (they weren't kidding about "Xpress"), so besides the line that forms around noon you should be able to get in and out of here really quick if you're trying to make a flight.


That's all we've got for you today Interliners! We hope you enjoy our list, and hey if you run into Emily at any of these places feel free to stop by and say hello (and get her a free app, she'd very much like that). Have any you'd add? Let us know! Until next time, safe travels and keep your eyes on the skies.

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