Nov 7, 2018
Meet Sandon - #InterlinerATeam Brand Ambassador Class #002

"Good day, my name is Wilfried Sandon Dabire, I am 31 years old, and I come from Côte d’Ivoire. I grew up in Abidjan, one of the most beautiful cities in West Africa. We have a population of 24 million and we live in perfect harmony.

After I graduated from high school I obtained a two-year technical degree in Finance Accounting. I then got a new job but was quickly bored because I have an outgoing personality and I don’t like to be locked up in a cubicle. I was 20 years old and I wanted to see the world. Fortunately, a cabin crew job was just what I needed.

I, therefore, took an IATA cabin crew training and got a job as cabin crew member in Togo with Asky Airlines. Asky Airlines is a private airline flying to Central and West Africa. We operate in more than 23 countries. I have been flying for seven years at this airline, and every day is a new adventure.

During my holidays I was always looking for the best deals on tickets and flights. I was wondering if there was a program that made discounts for Airline Employees. Through my research, I finally found out about ID90 Travel! I didn’t know that such a program existed. My first thought was that I had to promote it and share this information with my colleagues and the aviation industry in my region.

I went on LinkedIn to look for employees working for ID90 Travel, and those I connected with informed me that there was an ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador program I had to apply for. I then looked for the program and applied, and fortunately, since then I have been selected as an ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador.

My dream has come true! What I was seeking for many years came to me. I can enjoy my discounts with ID90 Travel. My aim now is to promote ID90 Travel with all the airline personnel in Africa by using all means possible (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flicker), but most of all talking about the program to any person involved in aviation.

I plan for my next holiday to cruise the Mediterranean or Carribean area, and I will definitely use ID90 Travel for it. My favorite travel destination was Cape Town, South Africa, a very beautiful place with a mix of colors, cultures, and nationalities. I plan to go there very often, and ID90 Travel will be my best partner for the trip.

One of my best customer service experiences happened with an American guy named Smith. He got onboard and was seated at the last row near the aft galley. I was working with other women at the back.

These ladies were all from the same country and, during all the flight, were talking in their vernacular. They were talking about their problems without paying attention to Smith who was seated near the galley.


At the end of the flight when Smith was disembarking, he came to the back and told them in their vernacular to talk silently of their problems because passengers have the right to rest. We were shocked! Then Smith told us that he spent 30 years in a village located in the country of the two hostesses, so he learned the local language.

This experience touched me and it learned me to not judge people by their appearance and that respect must be universal. This is the kind of experience I want to learn during my travels with ID90 Travel."

-  ? Sandon

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