Makeba Drury (Ambassador)
Nov 7, 2018
Meet Makeba – #InterlinerATeam Brand Ambassador Class #002

Hi, I’m Makeba!

I’m an ORD-based flight attendant with American Airlines. I’ve been a flight attendant for almost two years, and it’s the greatest job I could have ever dreamed of! Before I became a flight attendant, I worked at an Ethiopian Restaurant in Madison, WI. I would work all during the week and then on weekends, I would fly to a city and meet up with friends! One day, my boss said to me “have you ever thought of pursuing a career in travel?” It got me thinking, if travel is all I want to do, maybe I should work a job that gives me the wings to do that. Two years later, here I am!  I love to stay busy — Chicago is a dream city to live in because there’s always something to do! When I’m not working, I’m traveling to new cities, cooking, going to happy hour with friends or reading at a cafe. I am also currently working on city guides for all the cities I’ve been to and love. I am in the process of building that website.

Rapid Fire Questions

What’s on your travel list?

So many places! The list gets longer by the day. Currently, my friend and I are planning a trip to Thailand next month! I’m super excited to go to an elephant sanctuary. They’re my favorite animals. Next week, I’m taking my mom to Venice. That’s been on both of our travel lists, so I’m excited to explore Italy with her!

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of the job is all the people I get to meet. You don’t know how many cool, unique, outrageous, funny, sweet people there are in the world, until you say hi and bye to 200 of them every flight. I’m always so grateful for the people I get to interact with. Some have even become friends!

What’s your life or travel philosophy?

My life and travel philosophy are the same: go with the flow and don’t take things too serious. Non-rev travel can be stressful. I always start off every trip reminding myself that I am lucky to have these amazing benefits, but also that it may not always go as planned. I just enjoy the journey, (even if the journey consists of mechanicals, missed flights, and losing bags!)

What’s your go-to traveling hack/tip?

Roll your clothes! You’ll be able to pack so much and then your clothes won’t be wrinkled. I also put all my shoes in hotel shower caps, so the bottom of my shoes aren’t getting clean clothes dirty.

What’s the biggest lesson travel has taught you?

It’s okay to do things alone! I’m a pro at going to movies, restaurants, and shopping by myself. Because when I’m on a work layover, I may not always have someone to do things with. There’s something really refreshing about enjoying things are your own. You learn to really get comfortable with yourself.


I am so excited to be apart of the ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador team! ID90 Travel is the reason I am able to do and see so much, and I want everyone in the airline industry to use it too! Travel is the greatest experience you can give yourself.”

–   Makeba

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