Christine Forbes (Ambassador)
Nov 7, 2018
Meet Christine – #InterlinerATeam Brand Ambassador Class #002

“My name is Christine Forbes, but my friends call me Jamaica. I am a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines. After being in retail management for over 20 years (then another few years as a real estate agent) I decided to follow my lifelong dream of becoming a flight attendant.

I wanted to be a flight attendant so I could do exactly what I’m doing now. Enjoying the world, meeting new people, and eating my favorite foods in the country it originated from. Non-revenue travel has allowed me to live a life that most people just dream of living. To wake up in the morning, decide to go to Croatia for a few days, Chicago for lunch, New York for dinner, Thailand to see my friend Jenny, or Washington DC for my moms birthday (with my sister) is a dream.

I am loving it. I am writing this blog on a local bus from Chang Rai to the Golden Triangle (a look out of where you can see three countries), and I’ll jump on a quick boat ride to Laos to spend an hour. I am also seeing the Seven World Wonders, and in February I got to non-rev to Mexico to see number four, Chichen Itza! Life is good.




Rapid Fire Questions

What are you most excited for in your ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador experience?

I am most excited to motivate or influence someone to use the privilege of non-revenue travel as an ID90 Travel Brand Ambassador.

What’s your go-to traveling hack/tip?

My go-to travel tip is to always bring an extension cord so you can have all your devices fully charged in the morning in case the plugs are not easy to get to.

What’s on your travel list? Why did you pick it?

Thailand! I picked it because I have always been fascinated by the people.  I am now in Thailand so I need a new must-see list. Brazil is probably on it, but I am enjoying Thailand so much right now! Maybe I’ll come back here and spend more time in Pai.


What’s been your favorite customer or work experience?

My all-time favorite customer was a 5-month old baby named Tom.  He was the most happy and beautiful baby I had ever met. His mom came onboard with him and his sister. We bonded immediately and we spent the next five hours playing and having a blast. Thank goodness she needed help to hold him when she needed to use the bathroom. He cried when he had to leave me. I cried a little too.

What’s been your favorite trip?

My favorite trip is the one I am on now. I have been to Australia, Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Laos. It’s been such an amazing trip.  So many new friends to make and old friends to see.

What’s your advice to other airline employees?

Just Do It.  We have the privilege of non-revving. Use it!


What’s your life or travel philosophy?

Get to know local people.  Use your google translate and talk to someone.  It will be the most memorable part of your trip.

Favorite travel story?

I went to Germany and met up with a friend I that met briefly in the US.  He and his family opened their home and hosted me for a month. I feel like they are my family now.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Meeting new people every day. Especially the babies and the children.


Is it better to do solo travel or group travel?

I have always preferred solo travel because I am an early riser and like to get started on my day early in the morning, but that is not the right fit for everyone. I traveled with some friends and they had an agenda and you were free to join or do your own thing. It was awesome. I highly recommend that when traveling in a group that you set some guidelines so the fun never ends.

Take advantage of this privilege we have been given. The world is waiting for you.”

–   Christine

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