Introducing FLEX


FLEX - Flight Load Exchange - Exclusively on the ID90 Travel app! 

ID90 Travel is founded on the values of transparency, community, and ease of use. We’ve built our mobile app with you in mind, striving to make every task as effortless as possible. When you’re flying space available (#nonrevlife), there are no guarantees—knowing which flight has the best loads is key, especially on interline flights. We believe this essential piece of information should be available to you wherever you go and whatever airline you’re flying on.


Get the load information you need, right from the ID90 Travel app. 

As a group of former airline employees, the ID90 Travel team knows all too well the lack of transparency when trying to non-rev on another carrier. We know that this is mission-critical information especially for flight attendants and pilots that commute for their job and rely on other airlines to get them to work on time.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce FLEX, built to help airline employees connect and share flight loads in a seamless, peer-to-peer way. FLEX (short for Flight Load EXchange) is a powerful new addition to the suite of ID90 Travel Flight products. Simply search for flights and post a request for the flights you’re interested in. Someone working for the airline of the flights you requested will get a notification and respond to your request. You’ll get a notification with flight loads and become one step closer to determining the best flight for you. Download the ID90 Travel App to see all of the possibilities! We will be rolling out access to more airlines over the coming months. 


Fast, reliable, and secure global network.

Behind the scenes, we’ve made several technical enhancements to enable our global community of airline employees to connect with one another quickly and securely. With nearly 1,000,000 airline employees across the globe, ensuring we have a highly scalable system in place to serve all requests & responses meant implementing modern, robust technology.

FLEX can handle tens of thousands of concurrent requests—connecting users across the globe in an anonymous and friendly way. All data requested and responded to will be secure and inaccessible outside of the requestor and responder. What’s more, once a flight departs, our application actively destroys the flight load data, ensuring it cannot be used for any other purpose.


Knowledge is power... and a time saver!

Time is of the essence within the travel industry. With so many last-minute trips planned at a moment’s notice, knowing the flight loads offers a unique advantage. Less time asking around, searching social groups or placing a bet on non-descriptive happy or sad face indicators. More to getting to where you want to get to and enjoying the part of the job you love most: experiencing somewhere new, familiar, or the road less traveled.


Want to access FLEX? Download the ID90 Travel app today! 


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Get it on Google Play