Kelly Kinney (Ambassador)
Apr 16, 2019
Embarrassing Stories For Flight Attendants, As Told By A Headquarters Employee

This post goes out to all of the flight attendants who have had a bad day and need something to laugh at. We know how often you get silly first time traveler questions, but I can assure you that even the most seasoned travelers occasionally have their moments, too.

As a Southwest Airlines Employee, sometimes we get very excited when someone rolling a cart full of free alcohol and dinners (even if they don’t taste good) comes down the aisle. I’m super indecisive, so I spend a solid 7 minutes debating if I should get the pasta or chicken dish. Then I realize I have a few seconds to figure out which wine I want. “What would you like to drink?” the flight attendant asks, and I respond with “I’ll take a glass of Riesling, please.” To my dismay, I get hit with a “Honey, we have white, or red. Take what you can get”. At that point, I settle for a nice glass of white to put me asleep for the 8 hour plane ride that lay ahead of us. Lesson learned, when the drink cart comes around - don’t specify which type of wine you’re craving.

Normally, I would know better. But at the time I was living with the person who bought the alcohol offered inflight, so we always had the latest and greatest stash in our house. For some reason, in the few seconds I had before ordering, I pictured myself rummaging around our bar cart picking out the previous night’s drink and settled on Riesling. Ya live and ya learn, folks.

One of my favorite things about the inflight entertainment offered on other carriers are the fun chat rooms that allow you to talk with other passengers. Overall, it’s a great way to meet new friends and get recommendations for the destination you’re traveling to. However, when you’re nonrevving and don’t have any WiFi, it also makes it incredibly easy to stay connected with your friends who are a few rows ahead of you.

Make sure to triple check whether you’re actually messaging your group chat, or the plane’s chatroom. That’s right….one time I accidentally messaged the whole plane “@BrittBrunson, is your bun toasted?!” which definitely could have been perceived the wrong way.

So, on to the next embarrassing story.

ID90 Travel Ambassador @BrittBrunson and I were recently off our probation period that restricts us from Zed’ing on other airlines. I had won a positive space ticket on Air Tahiti Nui, which we thought would be the perfect place to celebrate being a 6 month Employee of Southwest Airlines. We often heard tips and tricks to get upgraded to first class and thought we’d give it a try. So during our layover in LAX we took a quick trip to Manhattan Beach and stopped at a local bakery. It was just before Easter so there were pastel eggs and bunny cookies galore. Thinking these would be a nice gift for the flight attendants, we purchased some and headed back to the airport. After playing the waiting game (I think we’re all pretty familiar with this one) it’s finally our time to board. We passed out the cookies with one hand and crossed our fingers hoping we’d get upgraded with the other. The flight attendants looked at us and smiled with a puzzled look on their face. It didn’t take us long to realize they didn’t celebrate Easter. Rookie. Mistake. Regardless, they appreciated the gesture and did their best to provide us with first class treatment. They immediately poured us champagne, brought us some yummy food (refer to my toasted bun comment above), and the best airplane dessert I’ve ever had in my life. I still crave it to this very day. Long story short, stick to gifting the generic candy and magazines, or knickknacks you’ve picked up on your trip.

For all of my fellow flight attendants out there, what’s something you’ve gotten or would appreciate?! Comment below! 

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