Mike Stacy CEO
Mike Stacy (ID90 Travel Staff)
Apr 5, 2019
Delivering Constant Excellence

One of our core values at ID90 Travel is the expectation that we are Delivering Constant Excellence in everything we do, and that is defined by going above and beyond for our airline clients. Since we’re all a very curious bunch and we like feedback, we recently sent a survey to each of our clients asking them several questions on how we are performing as a company for their airline and their employees. This is what I’m most proud of:

Yes, 100% of our current clients would still choose us if they had to make the decision all over again. This obviously makes us all very happy and so incredibly proud that the work we do means so much to our clients. However, that does not mean for one second that we’re slowing down or taking anything for granted. One of my favorite sayings when we get good news is that “we’re happy, but not satisfied.”

For sure our tech and marking teams are not slowing down as both worked through the night recently during our first-ever “hack day,” which produced some exciting and user friendly technology for our mobile app that will launch later this year. This includes biometrics such as logging in via facial recognition and fingerprints. And since so many airline employees are constantly on the go, typing as you’re moving through an airport can sometimes be difficult. What about just talking to the ID90 Travel App? Yes, our developers demonstrated working voice commands for several of our most popular features on our app. There are also several other useful and fun additions that came out of our hack day as well… stay tuned for more!

Our improvements and additions don’t stop with technology. Airline employees love and need information on how to best use their flight privileges, which great places to visit, the ins and outs of the those places, travel news and gossip and more, which is why we recently launched Jumpseat SMACK, our podcast on all things non-rev travel related. You can check it out in iTunesGoogle Play, Stitcher, and Spotify.

These are just a few of the improvements and additions we’ve made and are planning to make this year to ID90travel.com and our mobile app. After all, when we again ask the same question, “If you were to do it all over again, would you still choose ID90 Travel?,” anything less than 100% yesses would be a disappointment.

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