2019 Non-Rev Scholarship Award
Emily (Editor-in-Chief)
Dec 11, 2018
Apply for the ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award (Spring 2019 Scholarship)

We absolutely love being a part of the airline community. It’s one of the most vibrantservant-hearted, and loving communities on this planet – which is why we’re more than eager to give back. One of the ways we’re going to do that is by supporting the dependents of our airline employees through scholarship!

The ID90 Travel Non-Rev Spirit Award is a newer scholarship (this is only our third semester offering it), available to the dependents of current and retired airline employees. Always encouraging of the #NonRevLife, we’re excited to learn how airline dependents use their non-rev benefits to their advantage to explore the world.

(In the meantime, if you need more help finding scholarships, don’t fear. We’ve already created a list and put it here. XX)

The Spring 2019 Scholarship Details

  • One recipient will be awarded the $1,500 scholarship for the 2019 spring semester
  • Two recipients (tied for second place) will each be awarded a $750 scholarship for the 2019 spring semester
  • The three scholarship winners, as well as two runners-up (tied for third) will be featured here on Interliner®
  • The application period begins November 22, 2018, and will close at midnight CST December 31, 2018
  • The winners will be announced in January
  • Former applicants (and runner-ups) can reapply (unless they’ve won in the past)
  • The award is based on the applicant’s academic performance and demonstrated personal and professional leadership roles in work, school and community activities (including sports, clubs or organizations – community service, faith-based organizations, work experience and military experience.)
  • This award is international

Scholarship & Applicant Requirements

  • Applicants must be dependents of a current or retired airline employee, and that airline employee must be a member of ID90 Travel (Trust us, we check! If you aren’t a member, don’t worry, it’s free to sign up on our site!)
  • ID90 Travel employees and their spouses, domestic partners, surviving spouses, siblings, or dependents are not eligible for this award.
  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a college, university or trade school for the 2019 spring semester, and they must be able to provide official proof of enrollment (the scholarship is not currently offered to Masters or Doctorate students).
  • If applicants cannot attain official proof of enrollment in time, unofficial proof will suffice as long as that proof includes the semester date, applicant’s name, and school name.
  • Applicants must provide a current resumé.
  • Applicants must provide a 650-word essay on the topic of Non-Rev Life. What we want to see in this essay is what Non-Rev Life means to the applicant. They can feel free to provide examples of their non-rev adventures, experiences growing up in the airline industry, and opinion on how they feel about being given such an incredible privilege. Maybe even show us how you plan to use these privileges in the future! Most importantly, be creative. (P.S. we’re kind of giving y’all an edge by posting the past winners’ essays on our blog, so do your research! But also, don’t forget to be completely original.)
  • Applicants must be willing to sign a limited media release so that ID90 Travel may use their likeness and content on its sites and social platforms.
  • Winners will be required to submit the said signed limited media release and a photo.

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