Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winner
Mar 27, 2019
Alaina Kedro - $750 Spring 2019 Non-Rev Spirit Award Winner

Beating Cancer With The Help Of Non-Rev Life

Sitting and waiting eagerly but patient in front of the gate is a feeling you can't forget. Or the sense of relief and joy you get when hearing your last name being called right before boarding. The Non-Rev Life is a life full of opportunity. My mom has been a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines for six years now. We have been blessed with this amazing opportunity in life for it has filled our lives with joy and adventure.

Traveling has become something that is very important to me. I love to find all of the hidden beauties that the world has to offer. My mom takes me with her to many beautiful and exciting places. My favorite place that I have traveled to so far was the Japan trip that my mom had been working. It was full of culture, amazing sites to see and delicious food. I have already made a “travel list,” just like a bucket list; instead it is all of the places in the world that I would like to visit. I find so much happiness and bliss in being adventurous and experiencing new things. With our benefits I hope to someday check off every place on that list.

Having been apart of the airlines and Non-Rev life for a while now, it has sparked my passion to hopefully become a flight attendant one day too. Being raised with Hawaiian culture, it is very important to give back to our ancestors, our land, and our community. I have done this step-by-step starting by cleaning our land to volunteering as an after school aid. Next I hope to get my degree in nursing and give back to my community in Hawai’i as a nurse. I also hope to become a flight attendant and give back to that community that has provided me with so much.

I recently began college at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. I chose this school because I was accepted into their Freshman Advantage Nursing Program, which puts me straight through the program without having to apply for it in my junior year. I have been passionate about being a nurse since I was a little kid because nurturing is second nature for me. Being able to help and comfort others has always been a huge goal in my life. This school has provided me with many amazing opportunities that I am so grateful for, but I did not understand how sad and difficult it is to be away from home and family.

Family is the most important thing in my life. My grandparents and my mother who is a single parent raised me, and they have done so much to get me to where I am today. I have always been attached to them by the hip, never leaving their sides. With our benefits, my mom is able to fly to Portland almost twice a month so that I am able to spend the night with her and join her for breakfast before she leaves. My mom is my best friend in life. She has sacrificed so much to support me and make my dreams come true. I was so blessed to be able to come home for winter break to enjoy three weeks with my mom and my grandparents.

During this time, I was told very heartbreaking news. A week ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and we are now beginning that journey. This is very devastating for me especially because I won’t be home at her side to support her. But, because we live the Non-Rev Life, I am hopeful that I can come home and be with my mom when she really needs me. This is going to be a really hard time on my mom, my family, and myself. But my mom has showed me how to be courageous and keep my faith through rough times. I am strong because of her.

She will fight this and beat cancer, hopefully with me by her side as much as possible. I am going to strive hard and succeed in school not only for myself but to make my mom proud. Once she beats this, we will travel more of the world together and continue to live our lives to the fullest just as everyone should.

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