ID90 Travel CEO offers a helping hand to airlines during crisis

Apr 08 2020

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Mike Stacy, CEO of ID90 Travel, and I want to take few minutes to update you on our company and how we can help airlines during this pandemic. There is no doubt this a very tough time for the entire world, and especially those we serve in the airline industry. We hope and pray for everyone’s good health and encourage you to follow the safety guidelines that have been published.

During the crisis we’re focused first and foremost on our team members health and well-being and are thankful all of our team members in the countries where we operate are safe and healthy.

We’re also trying to align our business to this new reality, and the fact that, as the CEO of Southwest said, this virus has created a challenge worse than 9/11. I know we are all stepping up to meet the challenges we are now facing, and I greatly appreciate our teams smart and hard work along with their sacrifices. I’d especially like to recognize and thank our fantastic customer service and cruise teams - they’ve delivered a 93% satisfaction rating in the face of not only an enormous increase in volume but also lots of panicked and upset customers. You guys are the voice our customers hear when they have a problem and you’ve done a great job. This also goes for EVERY customer service department in the travel industry that has had to deal with all the customer issues that COVID-19 has caused.

We know airlines are experiencing one of the most challenging times in their histories and we’d like to help in any way we can. That's why we have extended an offer to absorb the airlines' internal costs associated with moving their staff travel systems to ID90. If there are other ways we can help, please get in touch with us.
We know that things look different right now for the airline industry, but we are also looking forward to that inevitable time when the world opens up again and it will. Because it's NOT THINGS that we’re missing. After all, we can have things delivered to our homes right now. It’s EXPERIENCES we’re missing, going to our favorite destinations or seeing, tasting and discovering new destinations. These things are too important to the human spirit.  When we emerge from this, we’ll be ready and eager to travel again and we look forward to continuing to serve the airline and travel communities as best as we can.

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