We know travel

We're a diverse group of multi-national individuals with one singular passion: revolutionizing the way airlines and their employees travel. Most of us hail from the industry, or have loved ones who do, and that's why this is more than business for us — it's family.


Mike Stacy

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Richter

VP, Finance

David Wells

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Pinero

Director of Global Sales

Roger Ximenez

Director of Product

Brian Clement

GM, Cruise & Car

Garth Overmyer

Director of Hotels

Esteban Martellotto

Director of Customer Service

Carlos Kubescha

Director of Software Development

Board of Directors

David Bohnett

Baroda Ventures

Peter Lee

Baroda Ventures

Montie Brewer

Fmr. CEO, Air Canada

Jeff Jackson

Thayer Ventures; Fmr. CFO, Sabre

Lee Rand

Sun Mountain Capital

Alonso Díaz Etienne

Gerbera Capital

Board of Advisors

Don Carty

Fmr. CEO, American Airlines

Jeff Potter

Fmr. CEO, Frontier Airlines

John McCulloch

Fmr. Managing Director, OneWorld Alliance

ID90 Travel Dallas

ID90 Travel’s Dallas office, just minutes from DFW Airport, is in a constant state of motion. The open-plan layout produces “spontaneous collisions” of conversation, and often that’s the spark from which great new ideas blossom. And, not that we’d ever forget, the regular roar of A321s and B787s overhead is an everpresent reminder of exactly why we’re here.

ID90 Travel Cordoba

ID90 Travel’s Cordoba office is a slice of classic Argentina determination served up with a side of little-known industry history - this area of Argentina is widely regarded as the birthplace of the modern GDS. Here, we boast a talented group of individuals with an extremely rich history in the true guts of airline backend systems.

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