Full-Stack Developer

Job Location
Cordoba, Argentina
Job Introduction
As a Full-Stack developer at ID90 Travel, you will be responsible for implementing, analyzing, testing, improving and maintaining our high-traffic e-commerce OTA application (think of Expedia or Booking.com), as well as internal, web-based applications and services. You have a passion for making excellent products where form is the same as the function. You should feel comfortable working in an open environment where roles are flexible, everything changes constantly and communication is essential. You will be part of a small and agile team of designers and developers who love solving difficult problems.
Position Responsibilities
  • We are looking for you to help drive ID90 Travel's technology forward.
  • You will contribute substantially to the architecture and software design of our applications to improve development velocity, maintenance cost, testing, functionality, platform independence, and performance.
  • Be part of a team who defines policies, processes, procedures, methods, tests, and/or components, from the ground up in a scrum-based agile development environment.
  • Participate in the planning of project priorities and technical resources, plus building relationships with multiple product teams, and cross-functional groups.
  • Encourage best engineering practices and demonstrate writing strong, reusable, maintainable code.
Required Qualifications
  • Competency in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of object-oriented design for scalability, performance and reliability.
  • Previous experience in a full-stack development position.

Bonus - Do you have any of these qualifications?

  • Familiarity with front-end frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails and Node.js
  • English-language proficiency
  • Previous experience in the airline industry and/or tourism industry
  • United States visa